Membership Benefits

The International Society of Anaesthetic Pharmacology (ISAP) is a non-profit organization with an international membership, which is dedicated to teaching and researching about clinical pharmacology in anaesthesia and pain medicine, with particulate reference to anaesthetic drugs and analgesic medications.


  • To advance the study of anaesthetic pharmacology, to contribute to its growth and influences, to encourage specialization in the field of anaesthetic pharmacology and to encourage high ethical and professional standards by fostering and encouraging research, education, and scientific progress in anaesthetic pharmacology;
  • To publish and encourage the dissemination to the profession and to the public information concerning the role of anaesthetic pharmacology, to issue publications of scientific and cultural interest and to sponsor profes- sional meetings and conferences for these purposes; and
  • To support, encourage and participate in the development and promotion of policies and programs of other professional organizations regarding anaesthetic pharmacology

ISAP Membership Benefits

  • Reduced Registration fees to the ISAP Annual Meeting
  • Online Access to ISAP Meeting Speaker Presentations
  • Online Access to ISAP Abstract Poster Presentations

ISAP Conferences & Meetings

ISAP Annual Meeting held in conjunction with the American Society for Anesthesia (ASA) Annual Meeting.

  • Full day meeting focusing current issues in our field
  • Fully moderated poster discussion
  • Annual Presentations of the Ted Stanley, MD Award for Innovation in Anaesthetic Pharmacology and the Lifetime Achievement Award in the field of anaesthetic Pharmacology

Discounted IARS Membership for ISAP Members

IARS Full Membership = $199/year

Discount code: ISAP2020
  • Access to Anesthesia & Analgesia, its archive and CME Online + Print
  • Semi-monthly editions of A&A Practice, the clinical companion e-journal to Anesthesia & Analgesia
  • Discounted registration to the IARS Annual Meeting
  • Complimentary access to IARS360, a one-stop digital destination for A&A and A&A Practice articles, annual meeting session videos and abstracts, and CME
  • Eligibility to apply for IARS Research and Education Grants
  • 10% Discount on OpenAnesthesia™ SelfStudyPLUS memberships

IARS Limited Plus Membership = $135/year

Discount code: ISAPLTD135
  • Access to Anesthesia & Analgesia Online + Print and A&A Practice Online

IARS Limited Membership = $75/year

Discount code: ISAPLTD75
  • Access to Anesthesia & Analgesia Online